Cecile Bonardi

Singing teacher and vocal coach

State of mind

vocal coachingIwork on two fronts : teaching the unexperienced to sing as naturally as they can and to use the vocal techniques best fit for a song, whatever its style. 
I also train more experienced musicians and singers to progress in their use of vocal techniques recognized in the musical world, so that these professionals come to sing effortlessly and evenly over any period of time. 
Voice techniques are not ends in themselves. Many contemporary musical artists never use any of these techniques, and that does not stop them being great.

Vocal techniques are effective to ward off fatigue or emotional shock or to withstand long singing tours  … they must be used as tools, and very valuable tools too!

Vocal freedom allows the singer to convey and interpret musically the story s/he wants to tell …

It’s just pure magic, really, isn’t it …?