Vocal Coach

State Qualified Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach

Iwork on two fronts : teaching the unexperienced to sing as naturally as they can and to use the vocal techniques best fit for a song, whatever its style.


How did I come to Vocal Coaching?


My interest in singing was confirmed at the Groove School of Music in Los Angeles where I studied singing, piano, arranging and songwriting.


Once I became a singer and a songwriter in Europe, I wanted to extend my teaching experience and improve in the art of transmiting what I knew. I became a vocal coach. There are several very fine voice professionals I wish to thank here, whose path I crossed. They are Richard Cross (vocal technique), Anna Ringart (lyric vocal technique), Agnes Brunoff (Alexander Technique), and Wendy Parr Technical NY (Speech Level Singing). Not only did they all convey to me their tools but most essentially their pleasure in teaching!


Ever since then, I have been coaching singers and actors for films, musicals, theater, record labels and television in Europe, in Russia and in the U.S. I have trained and warmed up voices throughout these artists’ careers in many varied musical projects : pop, rock, jazz, cabaret, etc.

(Among others, here are some of the professionals I have coached : Victoria Abril, Antony Keidis of the Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers, Courtney Love,  Murray Head, Diane Krüger, Diane Wiest, Lizzie Brocheré and  many other Europeens singers). 

Teaching, training, coaching people has come to me naturally through the years.  Today I also train singing teachers and I run my own regular workshops and master classes.

Ihave also made a very useful App to warm up voices before a vocal performance.

 Warm up vocal : « Le kit male voices » ou « Le kit female voices » available  on App Store and on Google play, lite or full version.